Top 11 players of the Copa America 2019


The 2019 Copa America finished and while it will mostly be remembered by controversies surrounding it, some players did produce amazing performances. CONMEBOL's technical group - consisted of respected coaches from South America - released today their best 11 from the tournament.

The committee is formed by the following coaches: Nery Pumpido, Gerardo Pelusso, Francisco Maturana, Dorival, Julio Baldivieso, Cesar Farias, Daniel Banales and Ever Almeida.

The team lined up in a 4-3-3 formation and is dominated by four players from the team which won the competition - Brazil. The line up looks like this:

                                                                                Allison (Brazil)

     Dani Alves (Brazil)- Jose Maria Gimenez (Uruguay) - Thiago Silva (Brazil) - Miguel Trauco (Peru)

                                 Arthur (Brazil) - Leandro Paredes (Argentina) - Arturo Vidal (Chile)

                                James Rodriguez (Colombia) - Paolo Guerrero (Peru) - Everton (Brazil)

As evident, the team is also dominated by veteran players, most notably Dani Alves who is 36, joint-top scorer Guerrero who is 35-year-old, 34-year-old Thiago Silva, and two years younger Vidal.

There is no doubt that Allison is the best goalkeeper of the tournament. The only competition came at the hands of Peru's Pedro Gallese, who did have amazing saves but also received eight goals against Brazil alone. While Allison almost kept a clean sheet for the whole tournament before letting a penalty kick in the final go past him.

Dani Alves turned back the time and showed he is far from done, so his possible return to Barcelona doesn't seem like a bad decision for the Nou Camp club. Some would argue that Marquinhos deserved to be in front of Thiago Silva in the pecking order, but the margin is thin.

Uruguay's Gimenez is a slightly odd pick, as while his team only had goals scored against it in one game, their tournament ended in the quarterfinals. A Brazilian centre-back tandem had more sense. 

Flamengo's Peruvian Miguel Trauco at left-back earned his place by stepping up in the knockout rounds against Uruguay and Chile. He is the player with the most recovered possession at the tournament and is the second highest passer in Peru's side.

Leandro Paredes was perhaps the only bright light in Argentina's tournament, so it's not surprising that the PSG's midfielder got the nod. 

Barcelona's Arthur was instrumental for Brazil and his inclusion couldn't be argued. But Vidal might've gotten the pick on old glory, as Charles Aranguiz overshadowed him in his own team.

The biggest mistake must be the inclusion of Colombia's James Rodriguez. While the Real Madrid player has played well in the group stage, Gabriel Jesus played perhaps the best games of his life. His sending off in the final and the following antics must've cost him the place.

The left-wing spot is reserved for the tournament's best scorer Arthur, who recorded three goals and an assist. Peru's veteran striker Paolo Guerrero had the same amount of goals, but no assist. 

In the end, whatever one might think of this top 11, there is no doubt that the controversies did overshadow the performances. And in the end, we will still remember this tournament with Messi in mind, even though his performances were disappointing. 


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