Tadic on CL final: Ajax would've played so much better than Tottenham


Last year, Ajax was close to writing another major football fairy tale, on the level of Leicester City's Premier League-winning one. But the young squad from Amsterdam was stopped on route to the finals of the Champions League in the last minute of the semi-finals against Tottenham. The London team went on to lose against Liverpool in one of the worst games CL has seen. Tadic believes his team could've done so much better.

The new Ajax captain considers that his squad would've made for a much better competitor to Liverpool and had harsh words for the quality of the match.

"The game against Tottenham was the toughest one of my career. I didn’t watch the final, I turned the TV off. It was horribly bad. Possibly the worst game ever. Most Ajax players didn’t see it. I could only think of how much better we would have played than Tottenham," said Tadic.

Tottenham did concede an early penalty in the final but went on playing as if they’ve received a red card, not just go one-nil down. With Harry Kane being particularly invisible on the pitch, which led many to believe that the striker wasn’t healthy as much as he was claiming.

Last season, Ajax went through to the semi-finals with a teenage captain Matthijs de Ligt and multitude of talented youngsters like Donny Van de Beek and Frenkie de Jong. The majority of Europe was rooting for them just because of how the manager Erik ten Hag had the team playing.

"People don’t always love Ajax, especially here in Holland. But if you see how we played, our style of play, the young players, how can you not be impressed? It makes me proud. There’s no trophy for that, but we won the hearts of many. How many teams are capable of that?" asked the Serbian.


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