September report

1.10.2019.   10:51

InsideSport team continued with positive months and we hit 3 months in a row with profits. It makes us inspired to continue this stretch, and who knows, maybe make the whole season a 'green one'. We certainly are capable of it and hopefully, goddess Fortuna (in the image) will be by our side in some tough times.

But let's take it one step a time. In this article we are going to analyze what did we do and how did we perform during September and what is planned for October. There is one thing that we from InsideSport do not like, and that is International breaks. Most of our leagues action stop and there are a much smaller number of valuable matches to choose from. September was one of such moths where International games spread through almost half of the month and this made us frustrated at some times.

We continued to send high limits, value, asian handicap bets and all are verified with odds from SBO and Pinnacle. In many cases, IBC and ISN had higher odds but for now we stay with the way we started the verification process more than 2 years ago. All picks had a minimum of 3.000€ limit per click on any of the brokerage platforms and in some cases 10x those limits. Our total profit for the season now is at +5.12 units (August + September) and slowly we move to direction of our season goal of 20+ units of profit. 

This is also the reason why we had only 10 Paid Picks, compared to August where we had 19. It was a tough month in terms of research and filtering those games. Still, we are proud that we did remain at the top of our standards and did not fall under pressure. We recorded +1.31 units of profit from these 10 picks which equal 13% Return On Investment. All picks were on top markets once again with big limits, this is a trend we have been following for a couple of years now and this will never change. Professional betting services must use only high limits markets, we are also trying to raise the ceiling and often have even the largest limits available in our service. 

From 10 picks in September we have achieved a record of 6-0-4. If we would analyze 4 lost games we would see that we did deserve more. Peru - Ecuador (0:1); Ecuador had a poor squad with many youngsters and while it was a value bet, it was a friendly match and Peru despite big quality gap was not serious as we predicted them to be. Montreal - Cinncinati (0:1);  We took a big value bet here, but Cinncinati scored in 1. minute of the game and that disrupted entire game. Montreal was pushing and dominating entire game (17:8 in total shoots and 78:30 in dang, attacks) but it was one of those days when Fortuna is not by their side. Miedz - Olimpia (2:2); Strong Miedz did not overcome weak squad Olimpia. It was once again a string value bet, but we new manager effect in Olimpia was evident, we did not trust this will happen due inexperience and low quality of the new manager. Tenerife - Fuenlabrada (0:1); in form Tenerife did not manage to score despite dominating the entire match, Segunda once again showed how tricky this eague can be for predictions. Tenerife's stadium is a stronghold and all teams that visit the Canary Islands have a tough job, but Fuenlabrada was lucky enough to get away with a surprise win. 

Now, let's move to the winners where we had 6 good picks. Zulte Wargrem did their job at the start of the month and Belgium league remains one of our strongholds. Almeria and Pogon wins were expected and helped boost stats in Segunda and Poland for this month. In tricky England League Two we did gamble on Colchester to win over Leyton (2:1) and good form backed with injuries at away team proved to be enough for a win. We have to admit that even this was a winner it was the trickiest game of the month and even the smallest value in September Selected Picks. We finished the month strongly and without raising eyebrows when Basaksehir dismantled Rizespor (5:0) and Ipswich proved their worth over Tranmere (4:1). 

It was a good month when we put everything into the equation. For next month there will be much more picks since we have just a small International games window. The schedule looks good and we hope for another successful month. There is no reason why it should not happen, all our favourite leagues have a couple of rounds planned for October.  We are in form, motivated and can not wait to start sending winners again. 

September was a really good month finally in Free Picks section where we were in profit +1.51 units (8-5-2). We also continued on CopyTip platform where we did have some problems with International games and pause, but we pulled ourselves up at the end of the month and ended in profit. We are optimistic on this front for October as well and hope we can make it as good as August was.

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We did have a lot of offers from investors, advertisers and affiliates during the last period but we refused them all. We want to keep InsideSport clean and user-friendly, keep adding more features and improving it. Also, we refused some cooperations for Selected Picks service since our customers come first and we want to keep odds and limits for them. This is a direction we are taking and it does not make sense to have also any kind of affiliates where we earn money when people lose money on bookmakers. We are in money-making business, for us but also for our customers and it will stay like that. 

We wish you all a great October!


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