Neymar wants to leave, but nobody wants to pay the price?


Ever since Neymar signed for PSG in the record-breaking deal, he was a centre of a lot of drama. He was involved in a lot of problems with his fans, team players and club board. 

These days Neymar is again unhappy. The entire club was revolving around young Brazilian wishes and he had special privileges, he had an unrealistically high salary and was in conflict with referees, staff, players and fans.  Such a situation has led that a lot of clubs do not want the talented Brazilian in their ranks despite the world-class football playing skills. 

Neymar was tipped to be joining ranks of Barcelona and reuniting with Messi again, however his salary, transfer fee and overall circumstances around the Brazilian affected the deal so Barca backed out.

Even the La Liga president expressed that it would not be good for the league to sign such a trouble magnet that could damage the reputation of the league. At some point, he was also offered to the likes of Man. City and Man. United but the English clubs also were not interested in the deal. 

PSG manager is completely aware of the situation:

"The position is clear for all. But one thing is concrete today: he still has three years of contract with us. And since we have not received an offer, we cannot discuss anything.

"We have not received any offers. But we had, it's true, very superficial contacts [from Barcelona]. They said they wanted to buy but we were not sellers.

"Neymar can leave PSG if there is an offer that suits everyone. But to date, we do not know if anyone wants to buy it or at what price."

Still, Neymar wants to force his way out of PSG, but none did see this scenario happening where he is unable to find a top club that would be interested. The only interested party now is Real Madrid. The Spanish club is looking to sign Neymar for €120M + Luka Modric.

Deadline for Spanish clubs in on September 2. and it will be interesting to see how this affair unfolds. 


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