Laurent Koscielny refuses to attend Arsenal's pre-season


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Not only are Arsenal fans having to endure their team having less spending power than teams positioned much lower on the last season's table, but now they have confirmed internal turmoil.

An official club statement has revealed that the club captain Laurent Koscielny refused to join the team's pre-season in the United States of America. Probably the most surprising culprit for unprofessional behaviour, as the defender has been highly regarded at Emirates and England in general.

The statement itself is considered by many as needless, as the London club could've solved this internally, without bringing its dirty laundry out for all possible new players to see. It was a brief statement and didn't even include anything about stripping the Frenchman of captaincy.

"Laurent Koscielny has refused to travel to the US for our pre-season tour. We are very disappointed by Laurent’s actions, which are against our clear instructions. We hope to resolve this matter and will not be providing any further comment at this time," was written on

London journalists revealed that the team and Koscielny had positive pre-contract talks this spring, but after his vacation, the centre-back was asking for a mutual termination of the contract. The Gunners were ready to sell him, but not to rip out the contract as a mere favour to the player.

The injury-prone 33-year-old is at the Emirates since 2010, having played 353 games for the club, but only 17 league games last year though. He has been the captain of the club since 2016.

Arsenal so far only brought in a Brazilian teenager Gabriel Martinelli and Koscielny’s decision will only make things worse for the Gunners. Now they have to find another centre-back, so two in one transfer window, while also strengthening the wing position. All with a transfer budget of around €40,000,000. Not to mention choosing another captain.


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