End of the season review

11.7.2019.   10:29

The season is officially finished for us in InsideSport. It means our betting service will be off in July and we are back again in action with picks starting from August 1.

June and last season

In June, we produced +1,4 units of profit with 11 picks sent, it did look like we will end June flying high just a couple of days before the month was to end. The last June's weekend deducted from us two units with both Suwon and Molde grabbing only a point in their games while we were tipping their home wins. Overall profit for 2018/2019 season is +6,55 units of profit in 173 picks, using flat stake (1 unit) for each pick.

This is way below our planned result and it leaves a bittersweet taste. The second season appears to be a problem for many services and seems like we did not manage to escape that destiny. Our first, debut season lifted the expectations high since we recorded +43 units of profit in the first year.

This season we did lift the minimal limit size for each betting pick so each pick had the minimal limit of 3000e per click, and there was no pick sent under this limit. +6,55 units of profit for 11 months of work could sound like a small number, and even if the last 2 season results would make most of the services happy we have higher ambitions. InsideSport Selected Picks service is a longterm service that battles with Asia, with pre-match picks, followed by the quality previews, odds verified only in Pinnacle and SBOBET, flat staking system and with the delivery system like no other.

What is next?

After we take a good and long holiday in July, we are back in action. This season has been exhausting and long, some recovery time is much needed. We will be back officially from 01.08.  when we traditionally start our season. Our editors will be providing you with top Sports News during July. Every season start so far we did enjoy with many units of profit and we hope this season will be the same. With each season under our belt, we become more experienced, smart and stronger. There are not many services out there as InsideSport is.

We tackle with professional bookmakers, markets and limits. We have been verifying our Selected Picks since September 2017.  We do not vanish or pause our service suddenly or when we hit bad months. InsideSport has proved time after time that we are here to stay. Because all of this we are quite confident that after season break we will come stronger and record a great season.

Best Betting Service in history

Good betting service should cover three main ground points: transparency, positive ROI and longevity. We have been transparent with our Selected Picks who we have verified via Betrush service for the last 22 months.  Our ROI stands at 13% with 45 units of profit so we have been making money to a lot of people in the last 2 years. 

The longevity of betting services is where a lot of services fail. It is hard to make it when betting on sharp, high limits markets. That is why there are not many 'old' services out there. We will keep on bringing value bets in the next season.  The base goal for the third season is to keep bringing value to our customers on high limit markets, keep making money for everyone involved and finish the season with double-digit units of profit. InsideSport did not hide that we have high ambitions.

Some groups would shy from making such statements, but not us. We will become the best betting service in history. It is a bold statement and we are aware of it. We did pass many checkpoints where 99% of services fail. Longevity is the last frontier where we need to endure 5 seasons in a row with a positive ROI on high limits markets.

Next season

For us, the season starts from 01.08., but you can subscribe at any time and we will add the subscription to your account. Same will happen for existing subscriptions. Next season there will be not many changes. You can expect around 15 Selected Picks per month with high limits backed by value information. We will still be offering 1,3 and 6 months subscriptions. 

We trust our process to the core and that is why we offer Free Month in case of negative ROI  for 1-month subscriptions. While for 3 and 6 months subscriptions we offer MoneyBack Guarantee in case we end with negative results during those periods. If you have second thought here is a list of 5 reasons why to join our service

Follow our story and our path on becoming the best betting service ever. Be part of history.

we wish you all a great summer,

your InsideSport team


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