Coutinho: Bayern are more of a family than Liverpool and Barca


Philippe Coutinho moved to Bayern Munich on loan from Barcelona in one of the more surprising moves of the summer. What might surprise some, even more, is that the Brazilian views the atmosphere at his new club better than in Liverpool and Barcelona. Two clubs whose identities rely on the family-like values heavily.

Coutinho was asked about his settling-in period in a talk with Sky Sports Germany.

"The first few days I was shown around the facilities, meeting my teammates and the coaches. Every day I feel a little better, I'm very happy. Bayern are more of a family than my old clubs. I know there is the atmosphere of Liverpool, but it's, even more, a family here at Bayern. The fans have been brilliant with me and it's great to feel that positive energy. I've signed lots of autographs and I hope I haven't left anyone out!" said Coutinho.

The winger found his teammate Thiago Alcantara to be very helpful for his settling-in.

"German is a very difficult language, but I've decided to learn a bit. Thiago helped me a lot in the first few weeks because he has Brazilian nationality and speaks Portuguese. That's a big help for me, especially when I have to communicate," explained Coutinho.

Former Liverpool player and now a pundit in Germany, Dietmar Hamann, said that Coutinho is 100 million better than James Rodriguez, who was at Bayern for the last two seasons. And the general feeling in Germany is that Bayern signed a star, if for a loan alone, after a long time. Yet, the Brazilian doesn't see himself like that.

"I do not feel like a star. I am a player like everyone else. But of course, people expect so much from me, and so do I. Every day I work for it to end up the same way that everyone - fans and responsible people - want me to do. But again: I do not perceive myself as a world star."

Coutinho also confirmed that Jurgen Klopp congratulated him on the move to Bayern and told him it was a top club in a top league. The Brazilian answered the questions of his prolonged stay in Bavaria by saying that it will be decided at the end of the season.


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