August report

3.9.2019.   12:35

InsideSport team takes a break during every July to take a rest from odds, betting, closing lines and matches. Seems like this 'reset' is needed every year to charge the batteries and fuel motivation before every season start. 

Season break was a complete success since we came invigorated and motivated more than ever. It did not take long for results to show the same. We started the month with two frustrating void bets but quickly regained the control. At the end of the month, we totalled 19 picks out of which we had 11 winners, 3 void bets and 5 losing bets. Grand total is more than good +3.81 units of profit. This makes us extremely happy since this August we have been involved only in super high liquid markets meaning profit potential for all followers was at an all-time high. 

As every year we like to take a stab at Europa League qualifiers, in August we had 3 picks from that region (2-0-1). Royal Antwerpen and Spartak Moscow did their job as we predicted but we failed short with luck in Ararat vs. Saburtalo game where the home team took the lead just to lose it all in a very weird game. In Belgium, we also had 3 picks, our long analysis of the Belgium league transfers, strengths and the overall situation was spot on since we recorded 3/3 easy winners. Belgium league was profitable also in our Free Picks.

One winner (1/1) came from USA Major League Soccer, one specific league that is interesting to us. It is a league where value is not often found but from time to time there are golden and clear chances. This is a league we will keep on focusing, but picks may come very rarely from there. There were 6 paid picks from England based leagues and cups, and although we did profit there with more than one unit in total, this is an area that has costed us a lot in previous seasons and picks from England competitions may become less frequent from now. 

Some leagues that were interesting to us in the last couple of years will remain in our focus. Some of them are Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia. Also, we do a lot of work on lower leagues of Italy, France and the Netherlands. New additions will definitely be leagues of Russia and Ukraine where we have a strong new addition to the team and also occasional Sout America leagues where we have a new local expert. 

Our overall process will remain the same. Finding information may be easy, but what is hard is picking those winners out of shortlists every weekend. We have perfected our filtering system and feel that is main cause of our success. We shall remain working hard and repeat August approach over and over again. It is not an easy job maintaining this work code and keeping everything to high standards that we have set upon ourselves, but for sure we will keep on trying. We owe that to our followers. 

Free Picks section recorded a small minus in August but the quality has improved there and we were unlucky with some outcomes. Still, we were beating closing lines and we hope this is something that will be evident in the long run, especially in months to follow. 

The monthly subscription is still 100EUR, 3 months 280EUR and 6 months 540EUR. Prices remain unchanged for now. They may rise during the next months, so hurry up and get them now. You can subscribe on the following link:  SUBSCRIBE NOW

Our experiment on CopyTip platform was a good one for the month of August. We are providing a mix of selected picks, free picks and live picks there. The first month was a total hit and if this suits your needs better you can follow us there on this link: InsideSport CopyTip . However, mu must advise that our paid service on the website is a primary focus to us and we serve those loyal customers first in terms of the odds value. Paid Picks will be on Copytip only if the market is sufficient to take all the money and if the lines do not move, then in some cases, we wait for the odds to bounce back or take them live. The baseline is that original subscribers on our website will always have priority. 

We wish you all a great month ahead and so long until September report. 

your InsideSport team


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