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Fernando Torres to retire from football


"El Nino" is leaving professional football. The youngest Atletico Madrid captain ever will be probably awarded a function in the club in the near future. During his spell in Liverpool, he was considered as one of the top strikers in the world, but his career downgraded following his exit from Anfield.


Return of the prodigal son: Mats Hummels signs for Dortmund


Not many of us have expected this transfer. Not many fans of Bayern and Dortmund neither, but now is definitely: Bayern have realised they have to risk and to strengthen the only rival in the league to make a step forward in the Europan competition.


Where to place bets this Wednesday?


Hello, dear InsideSport followers, we have prepared two selections for you on this Thursday. These are not our regular Free or Selected/Paid picks, but are just our selections. We feel that our exhausting research work shouldn't stay in the dark and we have decided to post them like this. Hopefully, you will enjoy it and profit with them!