FREE PICK: Istra vs Rudes LOST 2:0

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Istra vs Rudes (Croatia HNL 1)

The situation in Istra is unhealthy for a more extended period, even their latest coach change didn't bring anything new, as the team continued underperforming. They will be playing playoffs for survival in next week against second-tier club Sibenik, and the whole focus is on that game. Istra squad is mixed and overloaded with the foreigners who do not put much effort into the Istrian club, while those domestic players are given less faith from the coaching staff. Midfielder Galilea(12/0) and attacker Fuentes(17/4) are suspended for Istra, while a couple of other players are sidelined. Rudes is a relegated team, they are without the imperative of result for some period now, but the team is showing prideful performances since the coach Ivkovic took the bench (before the second part of the season has started). Defender Rozman(12/0) and midfielder Halilovic(16/0) are both suspended for visitors. A few other players will miss with injuries, while attacker Strkalj(14/5) returns in the attack. However, Rudes want to finish the season with a win and say goodbye with a brave display in Pula, the players are looking to earn contracts elsewhere, and finally, the atmosphere in Rudes is way better than in the home team.


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