Zulte vs. Club Brugge (Belgium Cup) LOST 2:2

Zulte is coming after 4 losses in a row including from Brugge away 3:2 just 4 days ago. They still have some injury problems. Seems like their bad form started when attacker Olayinka(14/5) and midfielder De Mets(4/0) got injured 3-4 games ago. They will unavailable today as well, together with defender Derijck(10/0), midfielders Jensen(5/0) and Coopman(14/2). Brugge has a 6 points lead in Belgium league and is looking to take the cup as well. They have a full squad for this game and wide range of quality players on the bench. Last round against Zulte they produced a poor display but still managed to get a comeback win after losing twice (3:2). Previous season they have won away at Zulte 1:2. PICK: Brugge-0.75 1.95 SBO