Start of the season and subscription prices

Hello dear followers,

as you know we will be starting again with our service from 01.08. after we had a season break in July. Last season was a great first season for us, over the time our service improved and our team grew. At the end we can say we must be very happy with 9/10 months being in profit. In total we earned 36.75 units of profit from 173 picks. If your average stake is 100€ you could have made 3675€ last season, and with all our picks being available with at least 2000€ per click at any time, you could have made 73.500€ by following our picks with high stakes(2k).

Feedback that we received during the season was great and amount of interest that we received on our season break in July was extraordinary and we wish to thank to all of you that contacted us. Our service is a top one, we are transparent, fair and professional. We offer top picks from big markets and best bookmakers that do not limit winners. Because all of this prices for the new season will be higher since professionalism and good service must be valued with money. Still even with this increase we think it is pretty affordable to any serious punter. For 80€ a month you get a reliable service that always makes good money in the long run. You can even get it cheaper on a monthly basis if you decide to use one of our subscription packages. Further, with this raise in service price we will be limiting places. We want to make InsideSport Selected Picks and exclusive service to real investors and punters who understand the value of our product and understand the principles of long-term investing. We are professionals and we also want to work with professionals. Pricing levels for new season are:

80€/ 1 month

230€/ 3 months

440€/ 6 months

800€/ full season (11 months)

*prices are valid until 31.08. We reserve the right to change the prices after that. Number of subscribers is limited, we reserve the right to reject new customers at point when the service is full.

After you have made a payment you will receive a confirmation mail. All payments via skrill/neteller/paypal should be done to:  josip22sb@gmail.com


Season expectations: Last season we have made an average of 3.67 units per month with a monthly average of 17.3 picks. Similar approach will be maintained during next season. We will be selective in our picks which means only top value picks will be pushed to paid Selected Picks. We will aim to push our average profits even higher so we expect +40 units of profit at the end of season. If you invest 100€ per pick that would make your season profit at 4000€, if you are staking more at 500€ per pick you can expect 20.000€ of profit at the end of season, if you are a high roller you can expect even more since all our picks can be placed with stake of at least 2.000€ at any time (most of the picks come with 3.000€+ limits).

Feel free to contact as at any point at support@insidesport.info

More information about payment options: http://www.insidesport.info/subscription/


Enjoy the rest of the summer and we hope you join the winning team at InsideSport!