September recap and plans for October

Hello dear followers,

another successful month is behind us. There were 16 SELECTED PICKS in September with a profit of 3.84 units and 24% yield. This has been 11/12 profitable months since the launch of service and we are showing consistency on beating matchday asian market with high limits, something that is very hard to find. Battle against resellers and betting bots continue so from now on we will keep sending Selected Picks in image form so we can preserve lines and odds for longer time and more customers can grab better odds. Pricing for October is raised to 100€. We feel that is good value for the money and even too cheap when we take into consideration how hard it is to beat asians on matchday (all picks with limits 3.000+ €). If someone can find a similar service to ours please forward the link to us, we would be happy to join and pay for this kind of service. Also today is the last day of accepting new customers. We will reopen again at 25.10. for November subscriptions.


Our second project EUROBOOKS PICKS started officialy in September. Still a young project but something we feel has the need to be presented on the market and will surely be a big hit once the archive of picks grows. Only european bookmakers(bet365), various betting markets and small to moderate limits. Both of our services have all picks verified independent third part service. Price for Eurobooks is 60€ per month.


For any additional questions feel free to contact us and to those that purchased our services already we wish good luck and another profitable month.