SEASON END AND SUMMARY (Team is on vacation until August)

The first season is over for us in InsideSport. We are officially leaving on season break, and we are back again with picks from August.
In September 2017 we started separating SELECTED PICKS and verifying them through reputable platform Betrush. The main idea of SELECTED PICKS was to create Premium service for our most loyal customers focused on long-term investing with Inside Sport. Month after month and the interest has grown parallel to good results. The range of sports was wide and various in the start, but soon we  noticed our main strength was in football picks,also customers were more interested in us focusing on football and bigger limits markets. In the start we had our focus on various markets and also bet365 was used as bookmaker. But awareness of the market needs is a special science, our idea about developing the investing awareness was a primary thing, and therefore we had to cut use of bet365 and put full focus and use of Asian bookmakers only: Pinnacle+SBObet, and 188bet.
Since March 2018, each pick has 2000 euros as the minimal limit (SportMarket) and condition for selecting the pick.
Normally, as usual, all picks are matchday picks, sent during the 09:00-14:00 CET. 5 minute before pick is sent each customer receives a notification, followed by pick sent directly to your mail.
There is no need to repeat our selection process, InsideSport team gives each pick a lot of taught and combined with our love for the job we have made great results this season and have even bigger ambitions to improve next season.
After 10 months of SELECTED PICKS in this season, Inside Sport produced 9 profitable months.
7 of 9 profitable months finished with at least 22% of ROI, while January was our only “red” month.
Total summary of season 2017/18: 173 picks, +36.7 units and +21% ROI. 
We will be taking much needed rest to charge batteries for another successful season and will be back from beginning of August. In second part of July we will be opening subscriptions again with promotional prices and subscription packages.
We wish you happy holidays, enjoy spending earned money and see you in August!