Free Pick: Lubeck vs. Jeddeloh (Germany Regionalliga North) HALF WIN 1:0

Lubeck is the team with only 23 games played so far, while today’s rival Jeddeloh has 26 games played. Leading team, HSV  has 28 games and 54 points. So, Lubeck (43 pts) with 5 games less than HSV II and 11 points to chase and overcome and possibly win the division title & secure promotion to the league above. Lubeck won previous two games and the confidence between the players is on a good level, they need to continue in such a rhythm and 3rd league dream is catchable. Jeddeloh on the other side has 45 points at moment but 3 games advantage in comparing to Lubeck. Their main job is done and coach is rotating a bit in their away games in the recent period. Best player, attacker Samide(22/6) didn’t travel with the squad. PICK: Lubeck -0.75 1.90 Pinnacle