Free Pick: Coruxo vs. Internacional (Spain Segunda B Group I) WIN 1:0

Coruxo has recorded 2 wins in a row and is advancing to promotion playoff places, they are 5 points below. Today they will be without defender Crespo(20/1) and midfielder Beltran(20/1). Rest of the team is full strength. Internacional has been struggling lately and that trend should continue since a lot of important players have left the team. In addition there are some injuries so they will miss a lot of players today: defender Moyano(20/2), midfielders Adama(5/0), Rico(3/0), Alvaro Muniz(22/1), attackers Ruben Ramos(19/6), Jamie Moreno(8/3), Calderon(19/0). PICK: Coruxo win 2.16 SBO