February paid service report and closing odds

We have had a very good month with a profit of 7.15 units. With this we have finally recovered from November and January loses and earned something in the process. Some of you joined just when we hit a downswing so we are happy now that we have recovered. For our followers from season start, we are totally in a profit of 7.42 units this season from August and +44.17units from service start at 09/2017. All picks and odds verified via Betrush.  From 17 total active months, we have been in profit 14. So this makes clear that this is service for the long run, occasional dips can happen as we have seen last 3 months, but we know how to deal with those negative months and recover.

Also, we will now be following sending odds versus Asia closing odds. This is the only measurable way in determining are we taking value odds and in which amount. You will find attached a screenshot of our sent odds versus Asia closing odds. We have beaten them on 12 out of 13 games in February. All picks taken in strong markets with min 2k per click, well before kick off time so the market had time to settle and was not the sole reaction to our service. This is an improvement to January where we have beaten Asian closing odds in 11/14 games. Even though that was also a good achievement, we did not have luck with some games. Stronger filtering process provided better values in February and we intend to continue those results and ‘value taking’ with this approach. Beating closing odds does not guarantee a match winner but can be a good point for long term profitability of investments. If we manage to beat the market in March similar results should follow.

If you still did not renew your subscription for March it is not too late, all information is on this link. 

February closing odds can be found on this link

Have a great March and may the value be with you!