End of the year, new website, closing Eurobooks, January prices

Hello everyone,

we are finally getting back to the roots. After a dry November, we have seen profits getting back to normal and we expect a couple of more winners in the paid section until the end of the year. We are concluding the year with a sure profit in the new season and expect this trend to last in the next couple of months. The season will end in July and until then we expect to see many green months and happy customers. 

The biggest update is that we will be closing Eurobooks paid service since it has been a major distraction and most likely the cause of below average results in October and November. We are honest about that and want to share it with everyone. Our focus in the new year will once again be only on paid SELECTED PICKS and we expect to raise the yield there and keep it what it is – reliable, long-term investment service. The new year brings new energy and the same is in our small team. Development to build a new, faster, responsive and more reliable website has begun. Deadline is 15.02. so before then, you can expect a new, fresh website with more content then we have now. Next step after that we will be building an app for mobile phones which will make picks delivery much easier and convenient for all users.
On a short-term, we are accepting customers for January now and we are running a Christmas special promotion.
Have a wonderful holiday season!
Inside Sport

Special Christmas offer (valid until 01.01.)

€100/month €80/month

€270/3 months €240/3 months

€500/6 months  €440/6 months