CASHBACK and PROFIT guarantee

additionally to Christmas special price we would like to introduce you CASHBACK option we will be offering for subscriptions for 3 and 6 months duration. We are confident in our quality and long-term success so we are offering cashback for 3 and 6 months subscription packages. This means we will refund your subscription price if we are not in profit after this period*
We are the only service that guarantees long-term profit and will back it with CASHBACK option on long-term subscriptions.
There is still time to make first good decision in New Year and enter it with our winning team. Can you afford to skip this offer and wonder after a couple of months why did not I trust InsideSport?

€100/month  €80/month

€270/3 months  €240/3 months (CASHBACK OPTION)

€500/6 months   €440/6 months (CASHBACK OPTION)

*applies only to 3months and 6 months packages.
Have a very lovely last night of 2018!